Inspirational Monday 12#

Inspirational Monday 12#

  Life go in the way and I ended up missing last weeks Inspirational Monday..

But that just means that today’s IM is extra inspirational!


I once heard the saying that nothing that comes easy is all that worth it. It’s kind of the same philosophy that teaches us that we need to work for the important things, to earn them.

We fall down in life, in order to get back up, to learn, to go further than we went before. We need to hurt, to appreciate the important things in life.

Next time life seems to thrown you a curve ball, go with it! Have faith that destiny, or life, or God, or whatever you believe in, has something bigger, greater and better planned for you. Be it a job that you just lost or a relationship that ended, even if it’s hard, think that it wasn’t meant to be…and wait for what is meant for you, to come into your life!


Life lately 1#

Life lately 1#

 Just a roundup of picture I had on my phone! Here they are:

I ate good food:


I made some yummy spaghetti with tomato sauce and olives. Easy, peasy and yummy!


Last week me and Markus made some pasta salad with: pasta, arugula, cherry tomatoes, dried tomatoes, olives, corn and mozzarella balls. We made a dressing made out of olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice, honey, mustard and spices. Needless to say it was yummy and we finished the whole batch!

Cuddled with the tigers:

IMG_1374Daisy is never interested in taking pictures..


 Donald was mad at me spending the night away and made his point to show it!


 Who says cats don’t smile?


 Woke up with Daisy on top of me yesterday..


“Please don’t ever leave again Mommy!”

I went shopping and took selfies!


Finally bought the dress for a wedding we’re attending in May!


Tram selfie!


Yesterday, on my way to Lys’s Birthday bash!


Abuse in Customer Care Service

Abuse in Customer Care Service

I work in a call center as a customer care service agent for a telecommunications company. So far, so good. I like customer contact and I do like my job. But it’s not all roses and peonies all the time!

Me and my colleagues are the victims of a humongous amount of abuse, on a daily basis. No, not from our colleagues, not from our bosses and I’m not even talking about the long hours and short pauses.

I’m talking about the customers!

While 60% of the customers that call us are respectful and polite, there are the 40% that are just outrageous. We try our best to give the best service possible to the customers that call us. We sit there, day after day, hour after hour, answering the calls of customers who need help and try our best to resolve the issues at hand. But there are customers who just treat us like shit. And that’s not OK.

I’ve had customers that start the conversation already yelling and while some of them just need to blow of some steam and frustration, others just think they’re the center of the universe and better than anyone else.

If you went to a store and started yelling at the workers there, you’d get security escort you out – that’s the best case scenario. So why is it that you think you can call a hotline and insult us directly, yell at us and behave like people who do not have a drop of education in them? It’s called being civil, people!!!

It’s not OK, it’s not polite, it’s downright bullying and abusive!

Please, remember people that work in customer care service are also humans beings, with feelings and problems and lives of their own. And we are taking our time to help you, the best way we can! Sometimes we can’t help, sometimes we need to connect you to another department, sometimes things need to go through certain processes and if you, the customer, failed to inform yourself correctly about something, it is not our fault and we do not deserve to get the blame. And trust me, we truly try our best to solve the situation as quickly as possible, but sometime we have our hands tied and cannot do more.

While I’m not afraid to tell a customer to not yell at me, some of my colleagues end certain calls and need to go cry for 5 minutes. I don’t take things personally, once a customer starts calling me a bitch and whatnot, I warn him/her that I will hang up if they don’t stop insulting me right away. Usually that makes them stop, it’s like they realize “oh hey, that’s a person on the other end of the line” and I can tell you I only ever needed to hang up twice (each time with three warnings). I don’t even allow a customer to say “shit” or “fuck” to me on the phone, I immediately ask them to stop and talk to me in a proper manner. Men usually immediately apologize, while women just stop with the cursing, without an apology.

Next time you call a hotline,remember the person speaking to you on the other side of the line, is also a person, a human being, with emotions and feelings of their own and believe us when we tell you there is nothing we can do, it’s because there is nothing we can do!


Crushing on gray!

Crushing on gray!

Everyone’s going crazy with 50 Shades of Gray and even though I must admit I have never read the book, nor seen the trailer, I am also going crazy over gray, everything gray!

I’ve said times and times again that gray is such a chic color and I will keep saying it! If you’re in doubt on what to wear, black, gray and white are always on point and ready to save the day!


I just love every single item in this collage – especially the beanie! It’s so cute with the tiny pearls, making it so girly and fun!

Gray is such an easy color to combine, it just goes well with everything, from orange to blue! It’s such a good color that it should be considered a neutral in my opinion!

What do you guys think?


My worst flying experience ever!

My worst flying experience ever!

I wouldn’t call myself an experienced flyer, not even a frequent flyer. Since I moved to Vienna I try to go home at least once a year, preferably more, to visit my parents. That’s what I did this past Christmas, I booked the flight online like I always do and for the first time I chose a Spanish company I didn’t know: Iberia.


They had the cheapest and quickest flight from Vienna to Lisbon, with one stop in Madrid. Other flights were cheaper, but spending 18+ hours on an airport wasn’t appealing and so I chose this flight.

The problems started while buying the ticket: a field came up asking if I wanted to book extra baggage. Emphasis on the extra. Below on the website it was written that the included baggage was the one allowed by the company. After buying my ticket I called Iberia’s Hotline and asked the lady how much baggage I was allowed to carry (since sometimes they vary in Kg). She was very cold and answered that the amount allowed was the “normal” amount. I asked her if she didn’t need my ticket number/flight number to check the kind of flight I had and she said “ok, fine, if you want me to check: which is the number?” as if she was doing me a favor. After a few moments she answered me I was allowed to check one bag up to 23kg, adding a very snappy “the normal”. As a customer, and a call center agent myself (!), I must say that I was not happy with the service one bit.

The day of the flight to Lisbon came and I went to the airport, ready for the day to be over so I could see my parents. Once I arrived at the check-in counter in Vienna’s airport, the lady informs me that my bag is charged, to which I tell inform her that I called the hotline and they told me I have check-in baggage included in the ticket. The lady apologizes and tells me that the carry-on bag is free, but the check in baggage from Vienna to Lisbon is charges, whereas the baggage from Lisbon to Vienna is included. I was appealed and asked her why the other lady told me something different and why that was not explained on the website once I made the reservation – two questions to which the check-in lady obviously didn’t have an answer. She informed me of the ways to make a complaint, gave me the bill of 30€ and, I suppose as a way to make it up to me, checked my carry-on luggage for free.

I thought to myself that this is not the professional way to treat a customer (not the check-in lady, but the whole situation) and I continued to my flight. On the flight I must say that I was even more disappointed. I am used to flying with Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines or Tap (the Portuguese airline that is not even all that good, compared to others), but I was never given such unprofessional service as in this Iberia flight. Even though I understand it really good, I cannot speak Spanish and as a customer it is not my obligation to walk the extra mile, but seeing as I speak Portuguese, I tried making myself understandable while speaking to the crew, but they weren’t having any of it. All of them refused to speak either English or German with me, I do understand that they wouldn’t speak German (even though we were leaving a German-speaking country), but I think English is a must! One of the crew ladies even told me “this is a Spanish company, we speak Spanish!” in a very arrogant way. I do not know if this was because they could hear my Portuguese accent coming through, but I found it extremely unprofessional.

The next thing I have to say is that we have to pay for everything on this company. I asked for a pillow and a blanket and they said I had to pay 5€ for each, which had never happened before! In Lufthansa they even ask you if you want a pillow if they see you leaning your head on the window. All the other companies I’ve flown with, always include drinks and something small to eat. This flight did too and once the stewardess came to my seat I asked for an orange juice. She takes a small 200ml bottle juice, opens it after shaking and pours a bit into a glass. Once she had given it to me she says “It’s 2.50€!” and stretches her hand. Now, I am not complaining because the drinks had to be paid, even though this was the first time I had to pay for a drink on a plane (and I always fly economic!), but it was the way it was done: the correct way to do it would be to inform of the price before opening the bottle. But, since I did not want to get into a fight with them, I gave her the 2.50€ and waited for us to get to Madrid to eat something.

I already had a bad opinion about the company after all of what happened in the flight and with the telephone customer care lady, but I got even more upset once I realized that the carry-on bag that the nice lady at the Vienna check-in counter had checked in for free, was broken. This is a very good quality piece of luggage, it belongs to my Dad and he used it quite a bit, since he was a frequent flyer for work reasons and it never broke or anything. But this time it had a huge gap between the lining and the outer part of the luggage, almost as if it had been cut. Obviously I am not saying that someone in the company cut it open, but I am positive that it was not damaged when I checked it in at the counter in Vienna!!! Also, which is the most heartbreaking part, they stole the little padlock my Dad gave my Mum years ago, that didn’t even need a key to open (you just needed to pull it down and it would open)!!! I realized right away when I got to Lisbon that the padlock was gone.

I tried contacting the customer care service through phone, but they told me I had to make a written complaint using the form on the website, which I did as soon as I got back to Vienna (because I wanted to give the company a second “chance”, since I could just have gotten a bad flight), but no one ever answered me. On the hotline they just told me that they were not responsible for things going missing or getting broken and that the customers need to assure that they have good luggage – which I think is a comment that someone in a hotline should never make, since it is demeaning and quite disrespectful.

If you’ve been following the blog longer, you know that I don’t enjoy writing negative articles. I though long and hard before actually publishing this article, but at the end of the day I think I might help someone by sharing my experience or maybe even get the attention of the company, so they’ll start being a little more customer-friendly.

Have you ever had an experience like this one? Let me know!


Rosie Cooks: quick and easy dinner

Rosie Cooks: quick and easy dinner

Since I’ve started living on my own, I don’t actually cook much…which is a pity. But sometimes I do crave something warm and quick to make, something other than soup or pasta!

A few weeks ago when I came home from work I realized I didn’t have much at home to cook, so I did what I do best…I improvised with what I had and this is what came out of it:

 I think everyone knows by now how much I rave about Austrian cucumbers and tomatoes! I mean, they taste so yummy and fresh, especially the cucumbers, probably because they’re locally produced. I always have some lying around and am always snacking on them. So it’s to no surprise that this particular evening I also had some on hand. 

Half a cucumber, two eggs beaten with some milk, a couple of tomatoes, spices and voilá: we have a quick and easy dinner! It tasted really good and it is pretty healthy. Luckily my Daddy taught me that the most important thing in the kitchen are spices, so I got quite a few that I like to mix up when I cook!

Inspirational Monday 11#

Inspirational Monday 11#

It’s the middle of March and today’s Inspirational Monday is about who you are!
The worst thing you can do is let others tell you who you are. I spent most of my life having the people around me dictate who I was, until I decided to stop listening to them and start finding out who I was, for myself and it was the best damn decision I ever made.  
Best thing you can do it tell others who you are, instead of letting them tell you! Because in the end of the day, you know yourself better than anyone else does!