Update on my life!

Update on my life!

As some of you might have noticed, things have been very quiet around here…so I think it’s time for another Update post!

Well…where to start?

First of all, I spend the last two to three weeks with the worst case of tonsillitis I’ve ever had! Ok, my Mum says I’ve already had a case like this when I was a kid, but you know once you’re 26 you don’t remember anymore how you felt when you were sick as a kid!!! (But you still, however, remember the time you were sick and your mother tired to trick you into eating fish with mashed potatoes and carrots! Yup, I remember!!!). Needless to say, this disease has totally got me off my feet.

I was bed ridden for various days, feverish and unable to eat anything and basically feeling all alone and lost in the world. I blame the fever. D&D both cuddled me a lot and Markus and the Parents called me everyday! I don’t know if our conversations even made sense, but they called and that’s all that matters!

Other than that, I’m moving again, so that’s not stressful at all…


Moving on its own already gets me the stresses, but having to organize a move while being sick is really something! I think I deserve a holiday after all of this!!! D&D are kinda confused whenever I pack things and try to jump into the suitcase. I think they think I’m leaving them again, poor things!

Speaking of D&D, they’re doing great! Donald is totally fat and Daisy is the total mom, always looking at him with a look that says “you should not be doing that. You should be ashamed of yourself!”. It’s so cute! (except when she does it to me whenever I try scaring Donald off of the table with the Febreze bottle.).

Spring has forgotten to sprung and jumped right into Summer, today with 27ºC…but apparently tomorrow it’ll be Spring again at 15ºC. Can someone please explain how I’m supposed to not get sick with these kind of temperatures?

Anyways, I’ve been working on some blog posts for the future and am trying to get this thing back to life! Inspirational Mondays will continue to make their appearances, since  they’re my most requested posts, but I’m working on a few “Rosie Answers” or “Rosie Advises” posts, because I got a good amount of questions sent by you to my email. Also, Cuddly Sundays will come back as well!!! If you have any requests, let me know!

I hope you guys have a great day!


The Espadrilles

The Espadrilles

One of the up and coming trends for some time now are none other than: Espadrilles!


Espadrilles were, like any other trend, very trendy in the past and now, like any other trend, they are back on trend and seen on shelves everywhere, from Chanel to Forever 21.

Personally, they’re not my favorite trend. But I must admit they’ve become extremely popular in the last few seasons and some of them are pretty darn cute, like the pair on the upper left that has cat ears. Because, lets face it, anything that had cat ears looks instantly cute! I also like the glittery pair of Chiara Ferragni with the lipstick and lips, they’re beyond cute, but I have heard that hers are not the most comfortable shoes out there.

Even though they’re not really my personal cup of tea, I must admit there are some darn cute Espadrilles out there and, should I ever find a pair that truly appeals to me, I won’t say no to trying it on!


Inspirational Monday 14#

Inspirational Monday 14#

This Monday I’ll be sharing something that I think everyone should see as inspiring: Kindness.


I find that one thing that is missing the most among people nowadays, is kindness. A simple hello when you enter a store, a thank you when the waitress takes your plate off of your table or a please when you order a coffee…those simple words make a huge difference to those who hear them and are used way too little in my opinion.

Use them. Say hello to people you see everyday, but never spoke to. Who knows, maybe it’ll be the start of a beautiful friendship!


Inspirational Monday 13#

Inspirational Monday 13#

April is here!! I don’t know how it is where you live, but we have the day after Easter free!

But that is no reason for us not to have some inspiration to start the week, right?


I’m a firm believer that you need to work for what you want, good things don’t come easy…it’s like this in anything in life, whether you’re trying to graduate university or trying to climb the Everest (which sometimes what how university felt like).

I’m trying to be better to myself…I spent so much time looking out for others, helping others, that I completely neglected taking care of myself. And I must say, trying to work out every day and treating my body good has turned out to be way more challenging that what I thought it would be. But then again, if it didn’t, it wouldn’t change me!

Let the challenges begin! Let yourself be challenged, because beautiful things happen once you do!


Inspirational Monday 12#

Inspirational Monday 12#

  Life go in the way and I ended up missing last weeks Inspirational Monday..

But that just means that today’s IM is extra inspirational!


I once heard the saying that nothing that comes easy is all that worth it. It’s kind of the same philosophy that teaches us that we need to work for the important things, to earn them.

We fall down in life, in order to get back up, to learn, to go further than we went before. We need to hurt, to appreciate the important things in life.

Next time life seems to thrown you a curve ball, go with it! Have faith that destiny, or life, or God, or whatever you believe in, has something bigger, greater and better planned for you. Be it a job that you just lost or a relationship that ended, even if it’s hard, think that it wasn’t meant to be…and wait for what is meant for you, to come into your life!


Life lately 1#

Life lately 1#

 Just a roundup of picture I had on my phone! Here they are:

I ate good food:


I made some yummy spaghetti with tomato sauce and olives. Easy, peasy and yummy!


Last week me and Markus made some pasta salad with: pasta, arugula, cherry tomatoes, dried tomatoes, olives, corn and mozzarella balls. We made a dressing made out of olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice, honey, mustard and spices. Needless to say it was yummy and we finished the whole batch!

Cuddled with the tigers:

IMG_1374Daisy is never interested in taking pictures..


 Donald was mad at me spending the night away and made his point to show it!


 Who says cats don’t smile?


 Woke up with Daisy on top of me yesterday..


“Please don’t ever leave again Mommy!”

I went shopping and took selfies!


Finally bought the dress for a wedding we’re attending in May!


Tram selfie!


Yesterday, on my way to Lys’s Birthday bash!